Who am I and what I do?

Hi I am  Sainik Biswas, a web developer by profession and I run a small company Devreactor  Technologies LLP. I love listening to music and  watching movies. I have very few but very close friends, and I am blessed with a loving family.

Why am I blogging?

I am writing because I love it and it helps me learn and remember things. I also wanted to keep a journal of things I am working on or learning. I work with a lot of software and there are tiny bits and clever things I sometimes to do in software in a day that I forget over months. This website will help me keep those tidbits, so that I can always come back to them when I need them. I also think people who have similar interests like me might find few helpful things from my website.

What I will blog about?

I will blog here on topics related to the software I use on a daily basis for work or for personal use, that’s the plan for now at least!  As a lot of my work involves providing technical support and building websites for small businesses, I have decided to  write about Windows, Linux and Mac system administration.

Please read through my articles if you find anything interesting. Comments and feedback are very much welcome :). If you would like to contact me directly send an email to contact[at]sainikbiswas[dot]com.


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